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Johan Boswinkel
My biophoton light therapy teacher and the inventor of the Chiren instrument:
In the 1980s Johan Boswinkel lived and worked in New Zealand. He regularly visited an acupuncturist who one day showed him some German articles on biophotons and asked him if he could translate them for him. Johan was fascinated by their contents and decided to do more with them. A study of biophotons followed.
Johan wanted to learn more about acupuncture, to further map out the homeopathic remedies, to become familiar with the energetic aspects of the human body, and to gain more in-depth knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine. On top of this he conducted a comprehensive desk study in the entire field of related and even mystical matters. Thanks to this methodical approach during the course of the past 30 years the therapy method has continuously been developed.

Johan Boswinkel on cancer from The Intelligent Optimist on Vimeo.